Sugarsuckle is offering DIY Baking & Cookie Decorating Kits, which makes baking

projects easy to do all in your home!

The kits come with:

  • all of the ingredients pre-measured (unless noted)

  • essential supplies needed for the project, such as baking liners and parchment

  • recipe & detailed step-by-step instructions

  • pro tips from our team

Prior to purchasing any kits, please read the product description carefully.  We indicate which recipes require special equipment such as a stand mixer, sheet pan, baking/muffin tins, etc.

Proceeds from the sales of Girl Scouts cookies go directly to the Hoboken Girl Scouts.

Order Cutoff: Thursday, May 28 - midnight

Delivery Date: Saturday, May 30 - noon

All deliveries will be dropped off in the building lobby on Saturday, May 30 by noon.  

There are no delivery fees.  All bags will be labeled with the name and unit #.

During checkout, please appropriately select Quinn or Lenox.