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Customized cakes are individually priced according to size, flavor, and complexity of design.  We delight in form and color as much as we love balanced flavor.  However, as much as we have an appreciation for the craft of extravagant confections, we do not take orders for elaborately sculpted or gravity-defying cakes.  We can certainly refer you to a cake studio that specializes in these designs!


Our cakes have a comparatively taller silhouette, which creates a dramatic impact and photographs beautifully.  Generally, each cake has 4 layers of cake that alternates with 3 layers of buttercream filling, resulting in a total height of 4.5-5".  The number of servings is based on event-style slices (approximately 1x2x5).


Whether you are looking for a 4" cake for a 1st birthday smash cake, or a tiered cake for a larger celebration, we will make the appropriate size recommendation based on your occasion and guest count.  


Cakes can be finished with Italian meringue buttercream or a thin layer of fondant.  The Italian meringue is whipped with pure butter and results in a light, smooth texture that is not overly sweet.  The fondant is rolled sugar dough that gives cakes a smooth appearance.





Base prices for single-tiered cakes, without any design consideration, are as follows:  


4" round - $50 (serves 6)

5" round - $70 (serves 8)

6" round - $85 (serves 10-12)

7" round - $120 (serves 15-18)

8" round - $160 (serves 20-25)

9" round - $220 (serves 30-35)

10" round - $300 (serves 40-45)


Tiered cakes serve at least 35 guests  The minimum for tiered cake orders is $300.  Estimates are based on design and complexity level.  Please contact us for a quote!


Cakes: vanilla | chocolate | red velvet | lemon


Italian Meringue Buttercream Fillings: vanilla bean | Cacao Barry chocolate | strawberry | Meyer lemon |

salted caramel | cookies n' cream | raspberry | green tea | passion fruit


Extra Filling (for an additional fee): chocolate ganache | raspberry ganache | passion fruit ganache |

raspberry preserves | strawberry preserves | chocolate cereal crunch | strawberry cereal crunch


Cake flavors must be the same for all tiers in multi-tiered cakes.  Buttercream fillings may be different for each tier.

For single-tiered cakes, 1 buttercream flavor can be selected (with an optional extra filling).



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