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Sugar cookies are one of our most popular desserts!  These buttery cookies are baked from scratch with butter, eggs, sugar and flour.  They are cut into custom shapes and meticulously hand-decorated with royal icing.  Please view the sugar cookie gallery for examples of past work.  


Sugar cookies start at $42/dozen with a 1 dozen minimum order per design.  Custom cookies are quoted based on number of colors, complexity (layers and details) and size. 


Packaged sugar cookies are perfect for handing out as favors. Please inquire for different packaging options.


Dipped Oreos are our favorite sandwich cookie enrobed in custom colors to perfectly match your party decor.  Oreos start at $36/dozen with a 1 dozen minimum order. 


The traditional flavor is always available. Depending on the holiday and season, specialty flavors may crop up.  Please inquire about the availability of other flavor options as your event date approaches.


French Macarons are delicate cookies that are sandwiched together with a flavored buttercream or ganache.  The cookie shell is made of meringue and almond flour.


Macarons are $33/dozen with a 2 dozen minimum order per color/flavor.  Enhancements with a metallic brush stroke are $42/dozen and hand-painted decorations start at $48/dozen.


A set of 2 macarons can be packaged in a clear acetate box.  A box of 2 starts at $6.



This is a childhood favorite with a fun twist.  Rice krispies can be cut into certain shapes and dipped in fun, custom colors.


Measuring about 2" x 2", squares and circles are $33/dozen with a minimum of 1 dozen per order.  Hearts and other shapes are generally larger, measuring between 3-4".  Custom shapes are limited and start at $48/dozen.


Cake pops are a delicious mixture of cake and buttercream, which are rolled into bite-size balls to resemble a big lollipop. The cake is enrobed in a very thin layer of confectionary coating to form a hard shell, which can be customized to almost any color. 


Cake pops start at $36/dozen (+$12/dozen with ribbon).

There is a 2 dozen minimum order with a 1 dozen minimum per flavor.  Packaging is extra.  Please inquire for options.


Metallic glitter and fondant appliques will be extra. Please visit the cake pop gallery for ideas and inspiration.   We are currently not taking orders for sculpted cake pops.


Cake flavors: vanilla | chocolate | red velvet | lemon.


Cake pops will be placed upside down in white candy liners. If you would prefer them right-side up, which makes a wonderful display in jars or vases, please indicate this when placing your order.

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