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The  sweetest team in town

Jennifer, Owner

Jen learned the fundamentals of pastry through culinary school, and with her passion grounded in technique, Jennifer launched her professional career in a busy retail bakery and a Michelin-starred restaurant in NYC.  Working behind the scenes in the kitchen gave Jennifer valuable experience, insight, and refined skills, but she longed for more creativity and artistic expression. She opened Sugarsuckle’s brick and mortar location in 2018.  


Jen’s favorite project to date is the “charcuterie” cookie platter.

Steph P (baker_decorator).jpg

Steph, Production Baker &


Steph joined the Sugarsuckle team after having completed HCCC’s baking & pastry program. She carries out many of the production responsibilities and uses her innate artistic nature to work on macaron and cake pops.  


Steph looks forward to the holidays-- her favorite project to date is the Christmas holiday macaron sets.

Jocelyn, Production Baker

Alongside Steph, Jocelyn completed HCCC’s baking & pastry program.  After a few rounds in other kitchens, she joined Sugarsuckle and quickly realized “how well she fit in”. On any given day, you can find her busily baking cakes to small treats.  

Jocelyn’s favorite project to date is the Friends-themed cookie set (we saw her sneak an extra one for herself!).


Hannah, Lead Decorator

Hannah joined the team after making a big career change, going from nonprofit to cake, in order to nurture her creative side.  She assists with cake design as well as overseeing all aspects of decorative elements.  


Hannah’s most memorable project is the first cake she worked on from start to finish, which was a watermelon cake!

Nika, Assistant Decorator

Nika leverages her art education to paint beautiful illustrations and make fondant decorations. She enjoys the challenge of learning new techniques.  


Nika’s most memorable project is a rainbow fondant ruffle cake. 


Sam, Cookie Decorator

Sam is proud to be Sugarsuckle’s first hire!  She fosters her creative side by working on decorated sugar cookies and enjoys adding the fine details.  


Sam looks forward to coming up with new designs for Sugarsuckle’s popular t-shirt cookies (they’re always the first item to sell out on retail day!).

Alejandra, Cookie Artist

As a former math teacher, Ale started at Sugarsuckle after deciding to take her creative interests and passions seriously.  She makes cookie designs come to life and is honing new skills in other creative mediums.  

Ale’s favorite cookies were for a Friends-themed birthday order (can you tell we all love Friends?).


Steph, Admin Assistant

Steph works closely with Jen behind the scenes to ensure that the clients are serviced and projects are organized for the production team.  Before becoming an admin, she assisted at the bakery in any capacity--from baking to packaging.  


Steph finds foiling oddly satisfying.  It’s so hard for her to choose a favorite, but it’s the “Ho Ho Ho” design.

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