Do you have overripe bananas? This kit is perfect for you!  Please put aside 3 overripe bananas for this baking project (or we can give you some from our stock).


Sugarsuckle provides the following in this kit:

  • All of the ingredients listed in the recipe (pre-measured)
  • 9 loaf liners


Here is what you'll need from your kitchen:

  • Working oven
  • Standard size muffin or cupcake pan (not needed if you're using silicone liners)
  • Whisk (it can be on a stand mixer, hand mixer or simply a whisk tool!)
  • Medium-size mixing bowl
  • Large-size mixing bowl
  • Ice cream scoop or spoons to scoop batter
  • Spatula
  • (optional) sifter


BAKING KIT - Banana Bread

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