There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy brioche.  

Breakfast: Slice, toast and spread with jam

Lunch: Make a sandwich

And if you end up with stale brioche, make French toast!


Brioche is an enriched bread--that contains eggs and butter.  We consider it a very easy starter bread.  Making brioche requires hours of proofing time (twice!), so make sure you plan your schedule accordingly!


Sugarsuckle provides the following in this kit:

  • ALL of the ingredients listed in the recipe (pre-measured) to make 2 medium loaves
  • 2 disposable loaf pans
  • If you choose shipping, we will remove the butter and eggs, but will specify how much to add back in.


Here is what you'll need from your kitchen:

  • Working oven
  • Stand mixer with dough hook attachment (This recipe cannot be done by hand. The results will not be desireable if you do not use a stand mixer with a dough hook.)
  • Medium-size mixing bowl (to proof dough)
  • Brush (to coat the top of dough with egg wash)

BAKING KIT - Brioche Loaves

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