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​​​​​We're doing a special partnership with Hayley in February to bring you these breathtaking balloon centerpieces for Mother's Day.


The balloons are 16” with seven mini balloons as well as rose gold and white confetti inside.  Foil vinyl lettering is applied to the surface.  These are not helium balloons, but the arrangement comes on a clear stand to give it the illusion that it's floating (and it will last much longer!).


Balloon orders will be available for pick up starting Friday morning.  Hayley in February will be dropping them off as a batch on Friday morning so please do not request ahead of schedule.


Important Disclaimer: due to the fragile nature of balloon products, neither Sugarsuckle or Hayley in February will be held responsible for the condition of such items after they have been handed over in good condition.  Please treat balloon with the utmost care by keeping balloons away from direct sunlight, heat, and sharp edge items. Clear bubble balloons will last generally 10-14 days or more if kept in optimal condition. 






Mother's Day Balloons by Hayley in February

  • Checkout Notes

    On the checkout page, you will see a $10 shipping/delivery fee by default.  If you would like to pick-up, change the Delivery Method to "pick-up" and this will remove the shipping/delivery fee. 

  • Mother's Day Hours

    Thursday, 5/6: 9am-7pm

    Friday, 5/7: 9am-7pm

    Saturday, 5/8: 9am-7pm

    Sunday, 5/9: 9am-12pm

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