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Sugarsuckle respects pure and authentic ingredients as the foundation of flavor and quality. We strive for nuanced desserts with balanced sweetness, and know that artificial extracts and imitation butter can never quite achieve the aroma and taste you expect from high quality desserts.


Just as we strive to let delicate flavors hold their own special place on the palate, we truly embrace the ethos of "less is more" in our designs.  We create desserts with a clean and modern finish, gathering inspiration from textiles, stationary, and florals. 


Whether the occasion calls for a one-of-a-kind custom cake or a stylish dessert bar, Sugarsuckle offers a completely customized service to ensure that everything— from the first look to the last bite— delights.  Whatever the reason for celebration, our desserts will make your guest of honor feel extra special and create a lasting impression on your guests!




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